GEY 111 Physical Geology, with Lab (GT-SC1)

4 Credit hours     90 Contact hours

Introduces the major topics of geology. Course content encompasses Earth’s materials, structure, and surface landforms. Geologic time and the geologic processes responsible for Earth’s internal and external features are covered. This course includes laboratory experience. This is a statewide Guaranteed Transfer course in the GT-SC1 category.


Successful completion of CCR 094 (grade C or higher) or equivalent assessment scores and successful completion of MAT 120 or higher (grade C or higher) or qualifying assessment scores (Next Generation Accuplacer AR 265+, QA, 240+, AF 235+, Accuplacer EA 60+, ACT Math 19+, SAT MAT 500+).


This is a statewide guaranteed transfer course.



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